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Laurie Richardson HaleyHello, my name is Laurie. I have enough paint brushes to be dangerous and have fallen madly in love with mixed media art. Hours will pass by when I am in my art room but to me it feels like the blink of an eye. I can't choose a favorite color. I can't create a video without the sound of my dogs snoring being heard at some point. I love peeling dried paint off of the tops of my paint bottles, it makes me happy. I don't like cleaning paint brushes. I have enough scrapbook paper, ephemera, stickers, ribbon, etc. to last me for years but I always seem to "need" more. I love the smell of office supply stores. I look at everything as a possible art tool or something that can be altered. I think twice before throwing anything away because I might "need" it for my art. I love paint on my fingers but I can't stand the juice from fruit to get on them. I love the smell and feel of fabric. I have a thing for containers. I think they make me feel organized even though I'm not. I see beauty in all of the seasons. I never get bored. I love to laugh and I love a good sense of humor. "Perfect" people make me nervous. lol I go to sleep thinking about art and wake up thinking about art. I love the Lord and I am very thankful for his hand on my life.


Welcome to my world. I hope I can inspire you and encourage you in some way.

Be creative today. Right now! What are you waiting for...GO!

Laurie :-)