Blig, Blag, Blog? Plus, How To Alter A Coaster

Mixed Media Altered Coaster
Mixed Media Altered Coaster

Hello….is this thing on???

I was trying to figure out the “best” way to blog and like with anything you try to research there are a hundred gob zillion ways to do one thing by just as many people with an opinion on how to do it.  So then you lose me because it feels too restrictive. Blogging is supposed to be fun and easy…for me anyway.  So, that’s how it’s going to stay. Fun and easy.  I may post for a few weeks in a row then nothing for a while. I may post one day then nothing for a year.  That’s terrible blogging according to many folks but you know what…in order for it to be fun and easy it has to be just that, FUN and EASY.  If I have to follow some sort of “rule” then it won’t be fun. If I have to be “perfect” then it won’t be easy.  It’s like doing art, I can’t have fun with it if it has to be perfect or if I have to follow exact rules.  So why not apply my own rules to blogging just like I did with my art?  Great idea…let’s do THAT.  So, let’s see where this leads. Let’s just enjoy what is and not worry about what isn’t. 🙂

I have been wondering what to make this first post about.  So much has happened in the last two years. It stresses me out to think about trying to type up the entire events of the time that has passed so I decided that sometimes you just can’t cover it all and you just have to start where you are.  Based on that, today I will just share with you the latest video that I put up on YouTube.

In the video, I altered a coaster.  We do not eat out very much but there was a time when we used to eat out often.  Some of those restaurants provided coasters for your drink and anytime I had the opportunity to keep a coaster from that meal I did.  There was a time or two when the person waiting on our table just gave me a handful of coasters when I asked them to please not take my coaster with my plate because I wanted to use it for art.  They told me they get them for free from distributers and were happy to hand over a bunch to me.   So, I had quite a few coasters saved.  I recently had to go through all of my art supplies while I was re setting up my studio and came across these coasters.  I had so many I decided to downsize and get rid of the ones I didn’t like as much and use a bunch of the ones I did like.  Below is a link to the video if you would like to see how to make one.