Calendar Journal Pages January through April Using 2016 Calendar For Inspiration

April Calendar Page

If you have followed my YouTube channel for any length of time you will know that I mark in my calendar every time I am in the studio creating. At the end of the year I have 12 pages of calendars full of leftover paint, stencils, stickers or whatever I feel like putting down on the page.  As I start marking in the current years calendar I create a journal page in the previous years calendar for the month that we are currently in using the original artwork of the calendar as the inspiration for my page.  I usually create a video to go with the page but this year I was a little behind so I only created Aprils page on video.  But, I did finish January, February and March.  So, today I am sharing photos of January through April calendar pages. There will also be a link to the video for Aprils page.  These are fun little journal pages and I enjoy doing them each month.  I hope you enjoy seeing them.


January 2016 Calendar Page
February 2016 Calendar Page
March 2016 Calendar Page
April 2016 Calendar Page