I’m a little “Teacup/Coffee Cup Cutie”

Teacup/Coffee Cup Cuties

I spent a couple of weeks just playing with my scraps, flowers, laces, trims, stickers and other embellishments that I am trying to use and not continue to “protect” them from being harmed and hiding them away in my storage containers.  lol  I was inspired to create some little characters while cleaning out my “odds and ends” container.  As I pulled out each item deciding whether I wanted to use it or lose I came across my  cone-shaped coffee filters. There are so many things you can do with coffee filters besides make yummy fru fru coffee but on that particular day I saw a dress or skirt and decided to make some dolls out of chipboard using the coffee filter as my inspiration.  I made some teacup/coffee cup girls, bunnies and birds.  They are so cute and so fun to make I wanted to share them with you.  Below I will put a link to the video as well as a FEW photos so you can see a handful of them and hopefully be inspired to make some.  I have also uploaded a “preparation” video where I share with you a few of the things I used to create my little dolls and soon there will be a video sharing how I made them so be on the look out for that too.

I hope you are feeling inspired and creative.


Teacup/Coffee Cup Cuties

Teacup/Coffee Cup Cuties Bunnies

Teacup/Coffee Cup Cuties Birds