“Forgive” Art Journal Page

I was going through the photos on my computer and moving some of them to a backup hard drive when I came across this art journal page I created some time ago.  I left it on my computer because I like the colors so much and I love how the page turned out.  Also, it’s a tiny reminder to me of why I created this page and how on days I need it most to choose to  forgive and not hold on to anything bothering me. It is a gift I give myself and every time I do it I am free to go on with my day and enjoy the wonderful things it has to offer.  I thought I would share the journal page with you.  I hope you are  having a wonderful day.


“Forgive” Art Journal Page

4 thoughts on ““Forgive” Art Journal Page”

  1. That’s an awesome page. =) And cool meaning/reminder. =)

    And it’s kinda interesting… I’m working an art journal entry that’s about “letting go”…. (as part of a challenge from Ophelia over on Jerry’s Artarama). =)

    1. Thanks Phoebe. Oh yes, I saw Ophelia create her page. Your page is turning out awesome if that’s the one I saw in email today. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. I appreciate it. 🙂

    1. Hey Paulette. 🙂 So nice to see you. I was just wondering about you yesterday. 🙂 Thank you. Yes, it is. Not always easy but very important. Thank so much for stopping by. Have a good weekend. 🙂

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