July & August Calendar Pages

July and August Calendar Pages

Can you believe it’s almost September?  Well, it will actually BE September when this post gets published.  This year is flying by and it seems to go faster since I started creating art journal pages in my old calendars each year.   I wonder why that is?  Hmmm.  Maybe because creating the pages makes me more aware of what day it is.  So, here we have July and August calendar pages. I got a little behind but I got caught up just in time for the next month to roll in. lol  August was an odd month.  I started riding my bike 15 miles a day 6 days a week, gave up coffee and working on cutting out sugar all in the same month. I think this month went by so fast because I was in an exhausted, coffee deprived state of mind. lol  Ok…a slight exaggeration but I have to say I was super tired for a few weeks while I adjusted to the changes.  Now, I’m ready for Fall and can’t wait to see the leaves change colors. I always feel extra creative in Fall and Winter for some reason.  Spring makes me want to bring out the entire box of crayons. Oh wait, I do that no matter what time of year it is. lol  And Summer, well, we try to get along. lol Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon.


You can watch the process video HERE.

July and August Calendar Pages
July and August Calendar Pages
July and August Calendar Pages
July and August Calendar Pages


2 thoughts on “July & August Calendar Pages”

  1. I look forward to watching the video, soon. =)
    The pages are awesome. =)

    And I feel pretty much the same way about the seasons. *LOL!* 😉
    Summer and I try to get along. *LOL!* love that. 😉

    And yeah, this year is just zooming by…. I can’t keep up with it at all.

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