Mixed Media Bunny Canvases Using Wood Garland

Burlap Bunny Canvas










With Easter right around the corner I have had bunnies on my mind.  Probably not a shock right? lol About two years ago I bought a bunny garland from Target (photo below) with the intention to take apart the garland and make something with it.  As with most of my good intentions the garland wound up in a drawer.  I decided this was going to be the year that I actually did something with that garland so, today, I took apart the garland and started playing.  I created two canvases which I think are super cute and I have three more bunnies I will make something with in the next few days.

They are super easy to make and you don’t have to have a garland to make one.  Just find an image of a bunny that you like, the size you like and print it out.  From the image you can make a cardboard or card-stock bunny, decorate it, then use it on your canvas.  One of my canvases is burlap and all I did was distress the edges with Walnut Stain by Ranger.  The other canvas I used a piece of drop paper and glued it to the canvas. Then I added paint, some stamping (stamps are from Roben-Marie Smith), markings and some rub-ons until I was happy.  Then I added my bunnies and some flowers and embellishments.  I really love how they turned out.

These would make cute gifts no mater what time of year it is.  I plan on hanging mine in my art studio year round and just enjoy looking at them. I hope you will give it a go.

See you soon,

Bunny Canvases
Burlap Bunny Canvas
Bunny Canvases
Bunny Garland

2 thoughts on “Mixed Media Bunny Canvases Using Wood Garland”

  1. Those are awesome canvases.
    Yeah, that was a neat garland. =)
    I have a lot of things stuffed here and there that I had “good intentions for”…. but either have forgotten what the plan was, or I just haven’t had the chance to get to it.

    Anyway…. that’s a great project. I look forward to seeing what you’ll do with the other 3 bunnies. =)

    1. Thanks Phoebe. They were fun to make. And I think they were even more fun to make because they were so easy to make. 🙂

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