Day 50 The 100 Day Project – 100 Days Of Journaling Happy Mail

Day 50 The 100 Day Project

Woo hooo, half way there.  Actually, more than half way since I’m posting this a week or so after we hit day 50. If you are following along with my #100daysofjournalinghappymail Day 50 is a real-time process video. I had several people ask me if I had any videos of a slower process so they could follow along.  I decided to celebrate day 50 with a real-time video.  

I’m still enjoying this project and my journal is getting super full.  I’m not even sure it will hold out for 100 days but I am going to give it my best shot. I will post photos of my journal at the end of the project. I may have to re construct it so it will close. We’ll see.

I will see you again soon,


4 thoughts on “Day 50 The 100 Day Project – 100 Days Of Journaling Happy Mail”

  1. WOW! Past the halfway mark already! You’re doing great! I’m glad you’re still enjoying the project. =)

    I look forward to watching this video, soon. =)

  2. Hi Laurie, I have just watched this video on Utube after a week going through all the videos before on this project while in convalescent mode. I have enjoyed it all immensely and have started my own 100 day project using the mountain of various supplies I have accumulated over the2 1/2 yrs since I started this journey. So many times I just grab what’s close at hand, paint, paper, drawing and finish doodling at night in tv time. Now I am seeking out several materials for construction, and have made a number of words to draw from and enjoying this challenge. So Thankyou for your inspiring videos from here in New Zealand. Love Trills.x

    1. Hi Trills 🙂 Thank you so much for your sweet note. I am so glad you enjoyed the videos and I’m very happy to hear you felt inspired and are going to do a challenge of your own. That is just awesome! 🙂

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