#100DaysOfPromptArt – The 100 Day Project 2019

The 100 Day Project – Day 1 – 3

It’s been a while since I sent you a blog post.  I warned ya’ll this would happen so you shouldn’t be surprised. lol

Last year was my first year doing The 100 Day Project.  I had a blast and created a cool journal using mail sent to me from other creators.  Here is a photo of the journal.

Finished Journal – 100 Day Project 2018

I DID finish the 100 days and on time in fact.  Since that time life got kinda busy so I slowed wayyyy down on my creating.  Now that The 100 Day Project for 2019 has rolled around again I’m jumping in again with high hopes of completing this year as well.  The project started on April 2, 2019 and I’m already enjoying it.  I kept my project simple again this year so I could keep up the pace.

This year my project is prompt based. I sat down and created 100 prompts that I knew I would enjoy doing. Each day I pull a prompt and do what the prompt says to do.  At the end of 99 days prompt 100 will be to gather all the other prompts I have made and make a journal or piece of art. We’ll come up with something. The hashtag for my project is #100DaysOfPromptArt

You are welcome to play along with me.  You don’t need to buy anything. If I pull a prompt that requires something you don’t have then use what you have that is closest to that prompt or make it a prompt you will enjoy.

will not be sending a post for every single video.  So to follow along hop over to my YouTube channel and there you will find videos every few days or so with a few days of prompts.  However, I do post each days prompt on Instagram so you can follow along there too.

Here is the first video introducing you to this years project and the first three days.  I hope you play along and have fun.

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