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Let’s Make A Cute Little Journal From Fabric Scraps

Fabric Scraps Journals

I’m starting to sound repetitive but here I go again with my “use your stuff” mantra. I took a break from my paper bag project to make some cute little journals using up fabric scraps and the rest of scrapbook paper pads.  Did I tell you about the paper bag project?  If not, in short, I am using up all the paper bags that I was keeping under the cabinet in my kitchen because I made a deal with myself that I could only keep them if I used them quickly.  I had planned to throw them away but I just couldn’t.  I love the paper texture and color so I kept the deal with myself and I am working on the paper bags a little each week.  There will be photos and a video soon.  But, moving on to the fabric scraps journal project.  I went through my fabric scraps box and pulled out all kinds of ribbon, lace, trims and fabrics and created cute little journals.  I also managed to finish up the papers in two scrapbook paper pads that I used to make the signatures in the journals.  They are very easy, cute and fun to make. And best of all there is no stress involved in creating them.  Take a look at the photos and watch the video and you’ll see.  Maybe you will be inspired to make one for yourself. 🙂


Fabric Scraps Journal 1
Fabric Scraps Journal 2
Fabric Scraps Journal 3
Fabric Scraps Journals
Fabric Scraps Journals